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Professional HO Scale Slot Car Grading Service  Bookmark ICollectSlotCars.com

Finally, an affordable way to grade and/or inventory your ho scale slotcar collection. For as little as $3.95 per slotcar, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your slotcar has been professionally graded. With our easy to use submission forms, you can choose extras to enhance each slotcar. Find answers to all of your questions while reading through the ICS FAQ section. Sell your slotcars with confidence knowing that they have been properly graded by an expert. By choosing from several encapsulating styles, you will enjoy looking at your slotcars in their new museum-like condition for years to come. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, an investor or an occasional collector, you can trust in ICS. You can be assured that your HO scale slotcars will be graded according to ICS’s rigid Slot Car Grading Standards and you can do this affordably thanks to ICS’s low Slot Car Grading Fees. No matter what condition vintage HO scale slotcars you own, let ICS grade your HO scale slotcars today. Whether you want your HO scale slotcars graded or just repackaged for storage or display purposes Contact ICS today.


Are you thinking about purchasing, or I should say investing in, an expensive slotcar? Are you tired of seeing the commonly used words RARE or MINT? Are you tired of buying slotcars that were classified as Near Mint but are really only Very Good? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you should ask about professionally graded slotcars. Ask your seller if they are willing to have the slotcar professionally graded. If their answer is no, then you should probably think twice about buying from them.


Are you thinking about selling your slotcar collection or do you regularly sell slotcars at shows or online? Are you losing out on sales because so called graded slotcars are selling and your slotcars are not? ICS is here for you. Beat the competition out by having your slotcars professionally graded! Show your buyers that you are really concerned about their needs by having your HO scale slotcars professionally graded today! Don’t you owe it to your potential buyers to invest in the best? ICS has affordable rates.

Collectors & Investors

Collectors... Are you tired of banana boxes of slotcars cluttering your basement? Investors... Ever wonder if that slotcar you paid $500.00 for is really MINT? Now you can have all of your vintage HO scale slotcars professionally graded by ICS, with what could turn out to be an industry standard. Would you like to display your HO scale slotcars but don’t have the time or the proper space? Ask us about our personalized display carousel to display your professionally graded HO scale slotcars.


ICS is an industry leader when it comes to grading slotcars. You can have confidence in us as well as depend on us. You have our GUARANTEE.


ICS will ONLY grade one (1) order at a time thus making it impossible to mix up your slotcars with anyone elses. You have our GUARANTEE.


ICS has high moral or ethical standards and will adhere to the Grading Standards that it has established and published. You have our GUARANTEE.


If ICS does not ship your slorcars back within the time frame indicated, we will refund 100% of your purchase price. You have our GUARANTEE.